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Choosing The Right Insurance Policy For A Second Home in NJ

siadmin Jun 27, 2019 Home Insurance Insurance

Are you thinking about buying a second home in New Jersey? This investment offers many perks, such as tax savings, rental income, and an additional place to spend with family and friends. But, just like your primary home, a second property comes with risks that must be accounted for. In...
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Top 4 Most Important Insurance Policies For Millennials

siadmin Jun 24, 2019 Insurance

Today’s millennials are in their 20s and 30s - young and healthy. Does this mean that you can skimp on insurance? Not exactly. Insurance is necessary for all ages as things can still happen. If you get sick or injured, you need insurance to help pay the bills. The good...
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The Truth About Applying For Insurance With Health Conditions

siadmin Mar 19, 2019 Insurance

If you have a health condition and plan to apply for health insurance, you are not alone. Many Americans have health-related problems that insurance companies classify as pre-existing conditions. A pre-existing condition is any type of health problem that exists before you enroll in a health or life insurance plan....
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The Surprising Benefits of General Liability Insurance

siadmin Feb 26, 2019 Insurance Uncategorized

A general liability policy is a smart way to protect your business. Most businesses have this type of insurance because it signifies legitimacy and makes it easier to do business with others. Because general liability is so important, some business owners assume that everything is covered under this policy. However,...
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We were named 2018 Agency of the Year by New Jersey Agents Alliance!

Hal Soden, Jr. Jan 19, 2019 Agency News Awards Insurance

The Soden Insurance Agency is proud to announce that we were named the 2018 Insurance Agency of the Year!  The New Jersey Agents Alliance gives this award out every year, and we won in our first year as members.  The announcement (pleasantly) surprised us, as our friends at the great...
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Tips For Preventing Insurance Fraud

siadmin Jan 4, 2019 Insurance

Credit card fraud is something that consumers watch out for, but many do not consider the dangers of insurance fraud. Though insurance fraud isn’t a violent crime, it’s one that costs companies billions of dollars each year. To prevent the number of fraudulent insurance cases, it takes a village. In...
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