Life can be unpredictable. Minimize loss and protect your assets with our variety of personal insurance options. From automobile to life insurance, our qualified agents are able to customize plans to fit your unique lifestyle.

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Life is full of surprises, and it only takes mere seconds for an unexpected event to drastically alter your financial health. At the Soden Agency, our agents and brokers are always ready to help make sure that your personal health and property are protected with the right NJ insurance coverage plan to fit your unique circumstances. Over time, it is common for your needs to change. In fact, what might have worked a few months ago may no longer work now if you have experienced a life change such as starting a family, moving to a new home, or taking up a new hobby.

Personal coverage includes more than just health insurance that NJ residents need to stay healthy. It also involves covering your home, car, and recreational vehicles to ensure that you are protected in the event of a natural disaster or accident. Our agency takes pride in making sure that every client has the right type of coverage to fit all of their personal needs. While we will do our part to help you understand all of your options, we need you to be proactive about letting us know when things change. Whether you are new to the Soden Agency or a long-time client, make sure to conduct a periodic insurance review to determine when it is time to seek additional protection for your property and family.


At Soden Insurance, we understand that life is complex. All too frequently people will go years without reviewing their insurance program. With our agents focused on providing you with peace of mind, our goal remains to guide you through your individualized plan with ease.

Answer a few questions and use our FREE insurance review tool to help you find the proper coverage fit for you. Or, if you already know what you’re looking for – get a free quote today.

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