Choosing The Right Insurance Policy For A Second Home in NJ

siadmin Jun 27, 2019 Home Insurance Insurance

Are you thinking about buying a second home in New Jersey? This investment offers many perks, such as tax savings, rental income, and an additional place to spend with family and friends. But, just like your primary home, a second property comes with risks that must be accounted for. In...
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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Insurance Company

siadmin Apr 26, 2019 Home Home Insurance

Insurance premiums continue to rise, so it pays to be a savvy consumer. Too often, people pay for coverage and let it go to waste; this is like throwing money out the window! Because each type of insurance is different, we’re going to go through the three basic insurance types...
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DIY Projects To Help You Save On Home Insurance

siadmin Jan 23, 2019 Home Insurance

Do-it-yourself (DIY) projects do more than improve the look of your home for a lower cost. They can also help you save on home insurance premiums. The insurance companies love when homeowners make regular repairs and updates because this tells them that the home is well-maintained. Well-kept homes are less...
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Why It’s Important To Review Your Home Insurance Policy

siadmin Jan 4, 2019 Home Insurance

Do you know how often you should review your home insurance policy? The answer: every year. Insurance policies are meant to reflect your current circumstances. Things change throughout the year, and your home insurance policy needs to be kept up to date. For example, did you move into a new...
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Why Umbrella Insurance May Be A Great Idea For You

siadmin Oct 30, 2018 Car Insurance Home Insurance Personal Insurance

When you don’t have enough coverage for your home or vehicle, your insurance agent may suggest umbrella insurance. Umbrella insurance extends your policy and offers extra coverage for things that may not be included in your original plan. While umbrella policies do cost extra money, they are still one of...
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