At the Soden Agency, we know life can be complex. Say goodbye to cookie-cutter policies and say hello to individualized consultations, where we help you prepare for the unexpected by tailoring your insurance program to your specific needs.

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At the Soden Agency, we view ourselves as a partner in helping to protect the things that are close to your heart. Whether we are aiding in getting the best insurance quotes NJ families hope to receive for car insurance, or designing a comprehensive risk management and insurance program to protect your business from loss, our agency is ready to help you prepare for all of life’s challenges.

Since our establishment in 1925, our team has continued to expand our service offerings to ensure our loyal customers are able to save money, while also understanding they have a trusted NJ insurance agent or broker they can turn to when a change in their current coverage plan is required.



Trusted Choice agencies are financial and insurance firms that have developed relationships with multiple companies so that they can offer the broadest range of products and/or services to their clients.

As a Trusted Choice Agency, our ability to offer you multiple options helps keep prices competitive so you can benefit from the lower rates. Our agents also prioritize helping you through each stage of the process of protecting your home or business, whether you may need a quote or to handle a claim.

At Soden Agency, we provide 24/7 services online or through our telephone customer service so you never have to wait to secure protection for what matters most in your life.




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