How to Find the Right Insurance Specialist in Shrewsbury, NJ

The average American pays $1,202 for full coverage car insurance and an average of $1,015 for a homeowners insurance annual premium.

The truth is most people spend more on insurance costs than they want to. Yet, keeping our homes, businesses, and cars insured is necessary.

So, it’s essential to do it with an insurance specialist who knows what they’re doing and for the best rate possible.

But knowing which insurance agent to trust can be overwhelming and challenging. Read on to learn how to find the best insurance specialist for your needs.

Ask Friends and Family

When looking for an insurance agent, asking people you know for recommendations always makes sense. Ask your family, friends, neighbors, and work colleagues for recommendations.

Be sure to ask what coverage they get from their insurance agent. Ask about their experiences, both good and bad. Also, ask if they are a local agency.

You’ll want to know if the agent they’re recommending has ever had to handle a claim for them and how the process was handled.

Read Online Reviews

If you want more ideas or want to look more closely at the suggestions you received, take a look at online reviews. You can always start with an online search.

You want to read online reviews of potential insurance specialists. Consider whether the previous customers got good customer service.

It’s also good to remember when you read online reviews to look at trends. Often people will fill out reviews when they’re disgruntled about something. It can be challenging to keep all customers happy.

Consider the scope of reviews instead of focusing on a negative review.

Experience and Credentials

Once you’re ready to talk to potential insurance specialists before hiring them, you want to know about their experience in the insurance industry.

You shouldn’t feel anxious about asking them to share their experience level in the industry. Many insurance agents will also have specialized credentials.

These may appear as special initials after their name on a business card. Ask the insurance specialist to explain what those credentials mean and how they can benefit you as the insured.

Knowledge of Product

Whether you’re looking for personal insurance, home insurance, flood insurance, business insurance, or auto insurance, you want an agent who knows their stuff.

The insurance agent should be well prepared to explain their product to you in a way that is easy for you to understand.

They should have deep product knowledge and how insurance impacts you while covered under it.

Strength of the Insurance Company

Another consideration is to consider the financial strength of the insurance company that will insure you. Can an insurance company financially handle a year where they get many big claims?

An insurance company doesn’t like to pay claims yet needs the financial strength to do it if necessary.

Find an Insurance Specialist to Meet Your Needs

Hiring an insurance specialist who you trust and who knows their product is important for you. You want to know your insurance is protecting you and that you’re getting good advice when you seek it.

If you have insurance needs or want to evaluate your current insurance coverage, we can help. Contact us today to get more information about how we can help you with your insurance needs.