How to Stay Informed About Insurance Expenses

People often complain about their insurance costs increasing from year to year, but there are ways to stay informed and prevent sticker shock. It all starts with choosing a qualified insurance agency in NJ that will watch over your policies and make sure you are getting the best coverage at the best price.

At Soden Agency, we believe that informed customers are happy customers! If your insurance rates are going to rise, it’s helpful to know why this is the case. Below we share our best tips for staying on top of your insurance needs.

Maintain an open relationship with your insurance carrier.

Some people like the convenience of buying insurance online, but you miss out on building a personal relationship with your insurance agent. In fact, it can be difficult to reach a person at all!

Having a dedicated insurance agent allows you to keep on top of your insurance expenses. You can get a hold of a real person to ask why your rates have increased and what you can do to lower them. Your insurance agent will also be familiar with your policy and circumstances.

Know what factors affect premiums.

Each insurance company has its own formula for assessing risk, so there’s no hard-and-fast way to know what you’ll be paying until you obtain quotes. That said, it helps to understand what factors affect premiums and why.

For example, with car insurance, some factors are in your control like adjusting your deductible and keeping a good driving record. Even some small details make a difference, such as where you park your car. Knowing what factors impact your premiums can help you make smarter decisions.

Have your insurance agent review your policy each year.

If you are a customer of Soden Agency, an annual review is done naturally. This is a great opportunity for us to make sure you are getting the proper coverage and paying a fair price for it. We can also look into new discounts you may qualify for.

Because we are independent agents, we do not work for one specific company. We are able to run multiple insurance quotes in NJ to find you the most comprehensive coverage at the best price. This will also reassure you that your insurance expenses are fair and honest.

Insurance can be expensive, but it’s a necessity. Soden Agency helps customers find the best value for their money. Let us assist you in choosing a policy that meets your needs, and we’ll be happy to regularly discuss your insurance needs so that you can stay on top of your monthly expenses!