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Do Small Transportation Companies Need General Liability Insurance?

Data shows the number of crashes in 18-wheelers is going up every year despite other areas of transport becoming safer. If you are involving yourself with the transport industry in America, you need to think about how to protect the assets you ship. Do you understand what insurance can do for you and your company and why it is important?

The following examples will explain why general liability insurance for a transport company is so important. As you read these entries, consider how each could impact you if you were not insured, and think about your next steps.

Bodily Injury

Drivers, passengers, or pedestrians could receive an injury while an employee is transporting goods to a location. If that is the case, your company may end up liable for one reason or another. Your payment might need to cover anything from lost wages, pain, suffering, medical expenses, or legal costs.

Nobody wants such things to happen for many reasons. Although, for peace of mind, you might want to pick up liability insurance anyway. By getting general liability insurance, you can ensure these things receive cover should the worst happen.

Fleet Damage

As well as the above, the fleet itself could come to harm. This may be due to collision, breakdown, natural disaster, or other situations. If you are in this situation, you must repair or replace the vehicle. You might also need to reimburse the people you transport if the goods are affected.

Small business insurance can cover a company for this in case they need to cover costs or if there is a potential lawsuit they must pay for.

Lost or Damaged Goods

There are many reasons goods might end up lost or damaged. This might be negligence or poor paperwork, or it could be an accidental loss for any other reason. Liability insurance ensures you are not out of pocket for such situations.

Cyber Liability Insurance

While you might do your best to ensure your computer system is secure, some malicious Internet users are tenacious. Despite precautions, there is always a chance of a problem in your system where someone gains access to information they should not.

Insurance can cover any sort of expense that comes from this, including needing to replace damaged electronics. If your clients’ information is stolen, you can also get money for a lawsuit through many insurance companies.

Pick Up General Liability Insurance

As you grow your small business, you will likely want to pick up general liability insurance for the above reasons. Still, there are many different options out there for you, so it is important to find the right one for your needs.

We specialize in business insurance for many clients and would happily speak to you. Our agents have many years of experience in small business insurance and can talk to you about the specifics of how we can help you. So, give us a call and protect yourself today.