Teenage Driver Safety Agreement

Stay safe and have your teenagers fill out this driving safety agreement.

My Driver Safety Agreement

Driving is a privilege that I may lose by violating this agreement or may have suspended for other reasons, such as (but not limited to) unsatisfactory school grades or violations of family trust.

  • I will obey any curfews or restrictions imposed by my driver’s license.
  • I will obey all traffic laws and speed limits.
  • I will not drink and drive, or use illegal drugs, or drive if I am taking any medication that may affect my driving.
  • I will not ride with anyone whom I know or suspect is under the influence of alcohol or drugs (legal or illegal).
  • I will not permit any open or empty containers of alcohol or transport anyone who I know or suspect may be carrying illegal drugs in any vehicle I operate.
  • I will not ride in any vehicle where I know that there are empty or open containers of alcohol or where anyone who I know or suspect may be carrying illegal drugs.
  • I agree not to drive with or transport anyone who is in possession of any weapon.
  • I will always wear my seat belt and shoulder harness. I will not ride in any vehicle in which there are more people than seat belts.
  • I will make certain that I can always hear emergency vehicles and traffic sounds.
  • I will drive defensively.
  • I will not transport passengers unless they are properly secured by a seatbelt.
  • I will always wear a helmet if I am driving or riding on a motorcycle. I will not transport a passenger unless he or she also wears a helmet.
  • I will drive in a manner that respects the safety of myself, my passengers, other drivers, and pedestrians.
  • I will ignore peer pressure. While driving, I am in control. I can stop and ask others to leave my vehicle, and, as a passenger, I can ask a driver to stop and let me out.
  • I will not drive unless I feel safe and certain of my ability.
  • I will be especially alert during dangerous conditions such as rain, snow, sleet, wind, heavy traffic, fog, unlit roads, construction zones, and accident scenes.
  • I will always lock every door and take the keys when I leave the vehicle. I will park in areas where I believe the vehicle will be safe from damage or theft.
  • I will obey the driving instructions of my parent(s) and of law enforcement officers.

I have read, understood, and will comply with this agreement.

Signed______________________ Witnessed_________________________


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