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Accidents and natural disasters are inevitable. Let us help protect your business and minimize risk with the right fleet insurance policy for five or more of your vehicles.

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Fleet insurance refers to coverage for five or more of your business’s vehicles. Primarily these types of insurance plans are used by police departments, public utilities, car rental companies, and more. Coverage for the fleet is an important component of business insurance NJ companies need in order to be protected in the event of an accident or natural disaster. At Soden Insurance Agency, we provide a variety of services that make it easier to select the right kind of coverage for your fleet.

When you are looking for auto insurance quotes, NJ insurance companies consider multiple factors, such as the size of your fleet. The size of the fleet can allow for flexible and affordable pricing that will not break the bank. Our customer service team will help you understand the requirements for multiple vehicle insurance and make sure that your fleet is covered with the appropriate amount of liability coverage. We also help you identify specific risks within your company procedures or industry so that you can implement strategies to prevent potential damages. Often, implementing strategies, such as employee training or security measures, helps you save even more on your fleet insurance.

Our agency also understands that your fleet insurance needs may change as your business grows or consolidates property. This is why we offer annual reviews of your current coverage to identify areas where you may need to alter your policies to reflect these changes. Whether you need to add a new vehicle to the plan or adjust your coverage to cover a growing staff, partnering with our team helps you protect one of your most valuable company assets.


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