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Our team at Soden Agency takes our job as an independent agency seriously. We work hard to connect our clients with the best insurance companies in NJ by staying on top of industry news such as which company is offering the best rates for policies on auto, health and property insurance.

Insurance is extremely important, but can be quite difficult to understand. Because of our focus, technology and business-culture, we are able to spend more time with you and help you understand your individual insurance needs and, together, create a program that is the perfect fit for you.

We know that you may have questions about your insurance at any time of day or night, and incidents that require filing a claim may happen during the hours that many other agencies are closed. This is why we keep our customer service team available at all times, and we provide you with agents who walk you through every step of the process from finding insurance quotes NJ companies keep as low as possible to changing your current coverage.

We welcome you to explore our site and give us a call with any questions that you have about how we can help you get the most out of your insurance policy.

Hal Soden, Sr., CIC, CRM


Bob Soden, Sr., CPIA, MEL-ARMC


Hal Soden, Jr., CPCU, AAI, CIC, CRM


Bob Soden, Jr., AAI, CPIA, MEL-ARMC


Karoline Breese, CISR

Operations Manager

Christine Reid, CISR

Account Manager

Kristin Dolce, CISR

Account Manager

Carla Soden, CIC, CISR

Account Manager

Pascale Anderson

Assistant Account Manager

Kayla Monroe

Assistant Account Manager

Keri Verhoest

Assistant Account Manager

Ann Marie Layer

Personal Insurance Advisor

Matthew Dewey

Business Development

Marie Lucero

Business Development

Norma Wokas

Assistant Account Manager

Partners, Not Salespeople

Our agents main goal is to understand your needs and find the best solutions for them. We will be with you as a partner to keep you and your family prepared for anything.

We operate as an independent agent, which simply means that our main role is to serve as an advisor that connects you with multiple different insurance companies. While we help you figure out things such as how much is car insurance in NJ, we also provide many other benefits that help you protect yourself financially from unexpected events.

While no one likes to file a claim, we make the process easy by helping you through the process. We also follow up on the claim and make sure that you are fully informed regarding everything that goes on. To make things even easier, we offer online document storage benefits for our clients that allows you to keep all of your documents in one convenient place. Since it is online, you can even access your documents when you are traveling or at home.

It is our goal to make sure that we never sell a product without providing our clients with the resources they need to fully understand their new policies and coverage. We also offer an annual review that allows you to identify changes in your lifestyle or business operations that require updates to your insurance coverage.

Our agency also practices what we preach about being prepared for anything, and you can rest assured that we have a detailed disaster plan in place so that you can reach us and your insurance information in the event of a major power outage or natural catastrophe. The benefits of working with our agency just keep increasing with each year that we are in operation. Reach out to find out more about ways we can help you turn getting insurance coverage into a positive experience.


At Soden Insurance, we understand that life is complex. All too frequently people will go years without reviewing their insurance program. With our agents focused on providing you with peace of mind, our goal remains to guide you through your individualized plan with ease.

Answer a few questions and use our FREE insurance review tool to help you find the proper coverage fit for you. Or, if you already know what you’re looking for – get a free quote today.

Keep your family and possessions protected. Get started now!


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